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About CALI

Calico cats are a symbol of fortune and good luck.

Cali is a young kitty that is tired of dog and frogs taking the spotlight and wants to bring up a cat golden era by finally putting a cat on its rightful spot as a top memecoin.

$CALI is an experiment on decentralized community building

Be the


Prove you contribute to the token growth every day and get a share of the 0.69% taxes! From X spaces to raids, shills, TikTok videos, viral memes, Reddit posts, business deals, or raw buying pressure. Anything you do, share it with the community and they will decide if you are worthy to be the MVP! Anyone can participate but only token holders can vote! The more tokens the more voting power!

Can I get a Meow?

What is the contract address? Is it SAFU? When is the launch?

Yes, the code is verified, and ownership renounced
We lift off November 21st at 4 pm UTC

What are the tokenomics?

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 CALIC of which 95% was paired with 3 ETH and added to LP. The other 5% was distributed to 5 fwiends who helped me build Calico, from donating eth for initial LP to logo design, web, custom contract, etc. Calico was done from 0 with 0, just the power of fwiendship

Are there any taxes?

Taxes are 0.69% divided between 0.3% creator support and 0.39% MVP.
Creator tax is to guarantee dev stays in the project long-term and doesn’t abandon it.
MVP tax is to guarantee community stays engaged in the long term and doesn’t move next.

How the MVP system work exactly?

Every other day there will be an MVP tweet from the official Calico Twitter account, people who want to be nominated can post their Proof of Work, the stuff they did to push the token growth, the top 5 most engaged posts will be selected and their usernames put on a snapshot proposal. Then $CALIC holders can vote for the following 24hs and decide who gets the MVP tax! ( MVP winner payout formula: (0.2 ETH + 5% MVP CURRENT FUND + PREVIOUS 3 WINNER PAYOUTS MOVING AVERAGE ) /3 )

Is there a ROADMAP? What’s the ultimate goal of this token?

Yes, I got lined up all the classic things a token needs, like cmc, cexs, etc based on growth milestones. Aside from that, lots of cat memes, having fun, good vibes and making new fwiends is part of the roadmap.
They say the journey matters more than the destination, but our ultimate goal is to touch top 10, to become a staple memecoin for all the cat memes around the world, much like dogecoin, shib and pepe.

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